Build Highlights - July 28th, 2023


  • Custom Dashboards

    • We are excited to announce that you now have the power to create your very own custom dashboard, tailored to your unique preferences and requirements. With a selection of 30 widgets at your disposal, you can curate the perfect set of data visualizations that cater to your specific needs.
    • Options allow you to not only choose the widgets you want but also customize their locations, who have access to the dashboards, and much more!
    • To get started, we encourage you to visit the comprehensive article dedicated to guiding you through the process of creating, editing, and managing custom dashboards. This resource provides step-by-step instructions, a video walkthrough, and tips to make the most out of this powerful feature
  • Ticket Kanban Board + Assign Tickets

    • The New Ticket Kanban board widget has also been released as part of the custom dashboards. 
    • The ticket Kanban also brings the new Ability to quickly respond to messages, Close all tickets, and thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality you can quickly reassign tickets or change their status with a simple gesture, streamlining your team's workflow and optimizing their productivity. 
    • For more information, a video tutorial, or a guide on editing, and managing your ticket kanban widget we encourage you to visit the following article!


  • Introducing the Enhanced MaidCentral Knowledge Base:

    • New features and improvements have been implemented in the MaidCentral Knowledge Base Users can now leave comments on specific articles, encouraging collaboration and feedback. participate in an Open Community Forum allowing users to request new articles and help with documentation.
    • Discover the enhanced support site at
    • More specific information and a video tutorial can be found here:


  • Emergency Time Off > Create Ticket
    • The System will now open a ticket for all Emergency Time Off requests. This enhancement aims to provide a more streamlined and transparent procedure for employees seeking emergency leave, ensuring a smoother experience for all users involved.
  • Quoting Tool: Multiple Select List questions - not affecting the price
    • Considering the significance of this update and recognizing that some of our partners had to employ workarounds to cope with the bug, we are classifying this fix as a feature addition to bring more attention to this fix. Partners who previously encountered difficulties can now utilize the Multiple Select list questions on step 2 with full confidence, knowing that the pricing will be accurately determined.
  • Technicians now have the ability to clock out past midnight for the previous day
    • Technicians now have the ability to be clocked in past midnight for jobs that commenced on the previous day. This change provides greater convenience and accuracy for employees and employers who work late into the night or during the early hours of the morning

  • Reports: Slow Performance
    • Over the past month, we have received valuable feedback from our users regarding slower-running reports. We understand the importance of timely and efficient access to information, and thus, have taken action to address these concerns. As a result, we are pleased to announce that performance improvements have been implemented for the following reports:

      1. Employee Stats
      2. Dispatch Board
      3. Hot Sheet
      4. Revenue Production Planning

Bug Fixes

  • Attendance Score on Employee Details will once again match the Employee Stats for the same timeframe
  • Technician Dashboard Efficiency will now match when compared to Employee Stats
  • Discount Codes that were not showing up on Quote should once again show
  • Dispatch Board Internal Server Errors due to the system diving by 0 are now resolved
  • Emergency time off, setting to 0 should disable and hide all Emergency Time Off logic
  • Home Information - Bathroom Count not equal to quote total
  • Hours Before shift is considered Emergency should once again work based on the specific hours set
  • Some partners were receiving Invoicing + Jobs page errors due to no teams assigned to jobs. This should no longer happen
  • QuickBooks: Customer Tax Override Not Being Applied to Invoices
  • Quoting Tool: Before Pricing - Rich Text Field - Unable to be Edited
  • Quoting Tool: Visual Bug on % Rate Modifiers
  • Recurring Rate Mod - Unable to Deselect "Do not Update All"
  • Revenue Production Planning > Settings > Hide Inactive Scopes
    • Inactive Scopes are hidden from the Settings Modal unless they were Included in RPP - they are now visible. 
  • Unable to request service as PMG -
    • PMG users will once again be able to request service through their portal
  • When Submitting a Survey during the First Employee Timeclock of the Day, Lat+Long tracking will now work again

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