Build Highlights - January 19, 2023

Build Highlights - 
Last night our team introduced the following new features and feature enhancements.  The build went live on the evening of Thursday, January 19, 2023.

Features & Updates

  • Updates to the Employee Turnover Reports
  • Added option to require or add Rate Modifications by default on internal Office quotes
  • Added a new technician performance KPI to Employee Stats called Non-Productive Time (NPT)
  • Enhancements:
    • Rate Modifications above 1000 can be calculated
    • Fixed auto-population of addresses for specific cities
    • Updated auto campaign settings for leads created on 12/29
    • Updated Keap integration for POST methods and online booking form sync settings
    • Corrected 500 errors for the Cancelled Services Report, Revenue Production Planning, and Schedule Efficiency Map
    • Zone Zip Report Sort by Revenue correction


Employee Turnover Report Updates

This build included updates to both the Employee Turnover Report and the Employee Turnover by Week Report. The Employee Turnover Report will now include a column for employees that terminated within the first 90 days of employment in addition to 30 days and both reports will only count employees that had the Scheduled tag applied when they were terminated.

Why it Matters:

This gives more intentional information concerning when employees turnover and give owners and operators to control which employees will be included in this information. If your company does working interviews that do not count towards your overall turnover stats you will now be able to remove them from your overall turnover KPI tracking on both MaidCentral turnover reports. 


Rate Modifications for Internal Use

This build updated the Rate Modification functionality for internal quotes by allowing the settings for individual Rate Modifications to show by default or to be required on internal office quotes. This setting is found in the Rate Modification setting with the other check boxes at the bottom of the settings modal. This will need to be updated for each Scope of Work that will be required or set by default. 

Why it Matters:

There are a lot of steps that go into completing a quote and removing the need to manually enter Rate Modifications like Initial Clean Fees, gas surcharges, or convenience fees for internal quoting will help streamline this process. 

New Technician KPI - Non-Productive Time (NPT)

MaidCentral has been using the Efficiency factor to track how effectively technicians are using their scheduled time compared to how much of that time is spent on a job. NPT compares the actual non-productive time to the scheduled non-productive time in the same way that Productivity compares allowed hours on a job to the actual hours on a job. NPT can be larger than 100%, with the goal being about 100%. Just like with Productivity, a percentage consistently higher or lower than 100% means that what is scheduled is, more often than not, an inaccurate representation of what is actually happening. 

Why it Matters:

An excessively high NPT would mean that a technician is being given a lot more non-productive time allowed on their schedule than they need and an excessively low NPT could mean they need more non-productive time scheduled or that they are doing more than just driving to jobs during their scheduled non-productive time. 

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