MaidCentral Technicians: Time To Complete

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When your technician(s) check into a job, the Time to Complete feature will open up for them in the upper right had corner of their Job Worksheet.

What is Time to complete?

Time to Complete is simply: how long the system thinks the job should take.

Where can I see it?

We can see the time to complete from the job worksheet. To get there we can double click a job from the Job schedule and click the blue Job ID at the top.

How is it determined?

Total Job Allowed Hours

- Minus  the Job Clock Hours for all technicians,

(Job clock hours is just the time they’ve already worked at the job.)

+ Plus the Total Break Time for all technicians
(The system assumes the Break Length while a technician is on break ie 15 minute break, 30 minute lunch and then it will use their actual break time to calculate the time to complete once the technician checks back in)

= Equals the Total Remaining Hours

/ divided by Number of Technicians currently clocked in (including Trainee Position Factor)

= Equals Time to Complete

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