Invite Customers to Portal : Bulk and Individual

MaidCentral offers your customers a portal, Customers can do many things from their portal. For more information on the portal specifically please see the below article! In this Article, we will explain how to bulk invite your customers to that portal, as well as invite individual customers manually!


Bulk Invite -

The way to bulk invite large sets of clients is through a Campaign:

Under the Company Tab > Campaigns -

  •  You can run a "Create Account Customer Invite" Campaign  -mceclip1.png

The list generated based on the filters set will provide a detailed list of customers, if they have their account (customer portal) active, and if they have attached their Credit Card!



This report will also allow you to mass-select clients, and send them your "Customer Invite" or Account Creation Template!

Difference Between Customer Invite Templates

***For more information on templates Please See the Below Article!



Single Invite :

To invite somebody to their customer portal, under the Customer Tab > Search Customer - Type their name and enter their profile. From inside their profile click "User Account" Click "Send Customer Invite E-mail" Choose the "Customer Invite" template.

  • Type in the customer's name in the "Search Customer" box.
  • Click the customer's name:
  • Once you see their profile, click "User Account":
  • Click the "Send Customer Invite E-mail":
  • Click the "Customer Invite" template:
  • Click "Send E-mail" and you're done:



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