Tracking and Resending Daily Notifications

MaidCentral has many Notifications, with an expanding list of clients managing and tracking which Notifications are sent and received is vital to running your cleaning business


MaidCentral has a great report that allows you to track all notifications on a specific day and keep track of all things related to Notifications through the Reports > Daily Notifications Report



The Daily Notifications report will Show what time the client's job is currently scheduled for, and which notification event is set up to go out on the specified day. which "medium" (email/text) the notification is going to be sent to as well if the message is sent and received.


Resending -

To resend a notification from the "Daily Notifications Report" clicking on the will bring up the below confirmation page, and allow you to manually resend the notification


You can  also confirm if an email/text/automated phone call for your notification was sent and received by checking under the Customer Profile > Notes Tab - there should be a note that displays your corresponding template


--- Below is also a video on resending notifications Directly from the Job Schedule!

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