Troubleshooting -- I'm New to MC and was Wondering why the Customer Campaign Doesn't Display All of my Customers

Campaigns - 
From Company > Settings >Campaigns you'll find a list of available campaigns.  


The Customer Campaign will not work correctly for newer Maid Central users since customers that were imported will not have a "last job date". This campaign also will not work until more time has passed, job punches have happened, and payroll is being closed, which closes jobs and gives them a Last Job Date.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  Don't worry, you can still find a list of all your customer's!  To send an email campaign to all customers, OR to just generate and export a list of all your customers, go to Company > Settings > Campaigns > Create Account Customer Invite. Once you've generated the list as desired, click on Generate Email. Select from a template you've build, or you can manually type the e-mail subject and content you want to send. Click Submit.

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