Texting a technician (Or multiple) through Maid Central.

There are 2 Main ways to send your employees messages directly through MaidCentral.


Broadcast Messages:

You can send a message out to All of your employees or a select list of employees through the "Broadcast Message" Option Found Under the Employee Tab > Broadcast Message 


Once on the Broadcast Message page, you can select which employees you would like to send the message to, as well as create your own custom message!




Sending individual messages to staff and employees.

to send a message to one member of staff individually, we recommend doing it from the employee profile!

First, locate the employee under the Employee Tab > Search Employee


Once inside the Employee Profile at the top right > mceclip3.png
This will bring up the note modal in which you can select to send them a Text/Email, or leave a Note on their employee profile


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