Rehire a Terminated Employee

Many Employees and companies decided to Come back or bring back an employee that was previously marked as terminated. The Below article will outline the steps needed to reactivate an old employee 


Step 1 

In order to rehire, a previously existing employee you will need to pull up the employee profile and remove the "Termination Date"

  • The list of terminated/Inactive employees can be found under the Employees Tab > Search Employees.  As seen below, you will need to show the advanced filter, and check "Show Terminated"

  • Once inside the employee profile the termination date can be found under the Information tag 



Step 2

After removing the termination date, you will need to set up the employee default availability, Position, and Team

Step 3

The final step is to mark them as scheduled so they appear on the schedule

  • Under the Employee Profile > Tags & Skills tab, make sure "Scheduled" is checked for technicians

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