Build Highlights - September 7th, 2023

Last night our team introduced the following new features and feature enhancements.  The build went live on the evening of Thursday, September 6th, 2023. 


  • Quoting Tool Settings Updates
  • Clock Change Requests - Can select which technicians to update
  • Time Audit Scheduler - Combination of the Employee Clock Monitor, Team Monitor, and more!

Features & Updates

  • Employee Time Clock Late Grace Period Company Setting
  • Phase 1 of Inova payroll integration: Inova Payroll Export to CSV File for closed payroll periods
  • Payroll Summary Realtime - We have added a new Flag for employees with day clocks that have not clocked out
  • Quoting: Specify when the Frequency Factor is applied
  • And more!


Quoting Tool Settings Updates

We're thrilled to announce a series of significant updates that are set to revolutionize the way you interact with our platform. In this article, we'll delve into the exciting changes we've made to our scopes of work and quoting tool settings, all aimed at enhancing your user experience and streamlining your workflow.

1. Organized for Simplicity

  • We've listened to your feedback, and we're excited to introduce a fresh approach to how scopes of work and quoting tool settings function. The cornerstone of these updates is the organization of all elements into individual pages. This means fewer clicks and layers to access the information you need, ultimately saving you time and effort.

2. Scope of Work Pop-ups

  • Clicking on a Scope of Work now opens a convenient pop-up window instead of redirecting you to another page. This subtle yet impactful change makes updating your Scopes of Works faster and easier than ever before. It's all about improving your workflow and reducing unnecessary steps.

3. All Rate Mods and Discounts in One Place

  • Managing rate modifications for multiple scopes of work can be a tedious task, especially if your pricing changes. With our latest update, you can now access all Rate Modifications and Discounts on a single page. This consolidation simplifies the process, allowing you to make updates quickly and efficiently.

4. Bulk Editing Made Easy

  • We understand that efficiency is key, and that's why we've introduced a new feature: Bulk Editing for Rate Mods. With a few simple steps, you can select multiple Rate Modifications, apply changes, and save time. 
  • Click on the actions menu and select Bulk Edit. From here you can check off the Rate Mods you would like to edit, click the Blue Bulk Edit button at the top, add the fields you want to be the same for all the selected Rate Modifications, and save.

5. Simplified Question Management

  • Lastly, we've consolidated all question management into a single tab, known as the "Manage Questions" tab. This tab not only looks familiar but also introduces a new "Scopes of Work" tab when editing a question. Here, you can toggle questions on/off for each scope of work and customize default settings, making question management more straightforward.

We're dedicated to enhancing your user experience, and these updates are just the beginning. We invite you to explore this article and watch the accompanying video for more in-depth information on these changes.

Clock Change Requests - Select Employees for Job Clock

  • We have gotten many requests for changing how Time Clock Change Requests work, formerly A job clock change request would affect everybody on the team. Moving forward employees will be able to select which team members, the job clock change request is for!
    • Works similar to Job Check In / Out
    • Approving will only update the Employee the request is for. For more information on Clock Change Requests please see the attached article!

Time Audit Tool

You asked, and we listened. The steps to audit time clocks for technicians used to take a lot of effort and looking between tabs, now we have updated the Employee Clock Monitor in the Employees menu to monitor ALL timeclock information: clock ins/outs, check-ins/outs, breaks, and lunches. Additionally, you can edit all of these from this one page, how cool is that?

      • On the Employee Daily Timeclocks Page, the Employee Time Monitor has been updated with color coding for overlaps and short breaks, clocks, and job clocks less than 5 minutes.
      • For more information on the Time Audit tool and Employee Clock Monitor please see the attached article!


Additional Features

Dashboard Improvements

  • Ticket Management: The Ticket Kanban and Open Tickets widgets now support reply-to-text functionality for leads, quotes, and employees.
  • Late Grace Period: Under Company > General > General Settings, This new setting allows you to define a grace period for late clock-ins.
  • You can now 2 way text leads and technicians from the Kanban and Open Tickets widgets. Once the Message Dashboard is moved into a widget, we will add the same functionality. 

Payroll and Invoicing

  • Inova Payroll Integration: Export closed payroll summaries to CSV files. This is the first phase of our upcoming Payroll Integration.

  • Invoicing Safeguards: To prevent accidental double charges, the 'Create Invoice and Charge Cards' button will now disappear upon clicking, updating you with a status bar at the top of the page.
  • Invoicing & Job Records: Display Not Invoiced, Invoiced, and Batch Invoice Counts as seen below!

  • Invoicing & Jobs: Preventing multiple submissions
    • We noticed some issues with double-clicks and the subsequent double charge of cards. This should no longer be possible as clicking the Create Invoice and Charge Cards Button will cause the button to disappear, send you to the top of the page, and load the below Bars for a status update of what is happening!

Reporting and Analytics

  • New* Credit Card Transaction Report: This is now available under Company Menu > Payroll > All Reports, Read more here.
  • Sales KPIs: Data for 2021 has been successfully released, with special tables for companies operating multiple branches.
  • New* Daily Timeclocks: export option for all tabs
    • The employee Time Clocks page is updated with the ability to Export Data to Excel - Day Clocks, Job Clocks, and Breaks!
  • Keap: Custom field for Customer Total Revenue and Customer Total Revenue Last 12 Months

System Updates

  • Keap API: A background job ensures that access/refresh tokens do not expire, eliminating previous issues of disconnection.
  • Payroll Summary: We have added a new Flag for employees with day clocks that have not clocked out

  • Quoting: Specify when the Frequency Factor is applied
    • On the Scope of Work General Tab, specify when the Frequency Factor is applied.
  • Service Set Details: The   button has been removed to avoid discrepancies in reports. All functionalities have been integrated into the button.
    • We have removed the pause service button for all users. We ensured that this button was not unique in its ability to perform the actions it was designed for. This button has contributed to unknown "quiet cancelations" creating discrepancies in reports. The Button can be used to perform all the same actions that the pause service accomplished. How to use "Modify Service" and more information on this change can be found in this article!


  • 500 Error - Requote Existing Home/Customer through Iframe
  • Add Ons not showing on the job worksheet
  • Company: Integration inputs being updated by password managers
  • Contact Tickets Open Ticket Date Needs to be Converted from UTC to local
  • Delete Dashboards - Should NOT be able to delete if any employee has that dashboard set to "default dashboard"
    • Partners were able to delete dashboards that employees had set to default, this caused 500 errors across MaidCentral for those specific employees. This workflow is no longer an option.
  • Incoming Texts not going into the Default Bucket
  • Keap: Don't create contact if no valid email address
  • The New Default Dashboard does not work directly upon login
    • Setting a default dashboard will now direct you to that dashboard upon logging into MaidCentral
  • PTO policy - System Reseting policy, then carrying over hours
    • Upon employee PTO reset the system was Resetting employees 1st then carrying over PTO in some cases creating a loss in PTO hours for technicians. This workflow has been resolved.
  • Quoting Tool - When editing multiple quotes under the same client - Base Rate Hours = 0 for all scopes
  • Report: Payroll Summary export should be numbers
  • Report: Team Mileage update Job Time to be Allowed Hours
    • We have had multiple requests for "Total Allowed Hours By Team" This update allows partners to now pull a specific date range and get the Total Scheduled Allowed Hours By Team!

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