Getting an Active Customer List/Client Count

Inside of MaidCentral, there are several ways to get either a list or a breakdown of your active clients depending on what you are looking for

Please Note*** - MaidCentral customer count, and job count are different - MaidCentral jobs are considered "Service Sets" not customers, so depending on what you are after, you will be looking for a Service Set Count or a Customer Count

  • Ex: "I want to know how many recurring cleans I have" - this is a Service Set question and will be found under a list of service set information. 
  • Ex: "I want a list of all active clients so I can send them a thank you email" - this is a client list or Client count report that will help with this

Active Customer Count

  • When looking for just a count on your active customers, Using the "Customer Count" Report will be your quickest option
  • On the left side of the report, under the "Active Counts by Frequency" you can get a quick number of how many active customers you have mceclip0.png
  • Customer counts are typically lower than service set counts due to customers with multiple homes, or multiple services under the same home

Active Customer List

  • When looking to pull a detailed list of active customers there are two solid options inside of MaidCentral


  • 1 -Customer Campaigns - Under the Company Tab > Campaigns > Customer Campaign - You can populate a large set of data and from the campaign directly email, or message all active clients
  • Highlighted below are the 2 most important fields when filling out this campaign to pull a proper list, making sure your customer's last jobs are within the window and setting your active job count to your appropriate window as well. mceclip1.png


2 - A quicker and Easier way to get a list of active customers is through the "Customer Efficiency Map" found under Reports > Customer Efficiency Map

Once inside the Map, clicking the display button seen below > Customer data will pull up a list of all customers displayed on the map

*** The Customer Efficiency Map only displays customers with at least 1 Pending job or "Active customers"



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