Build Highlights - December 8th, 2022

Build Highlights - 
Last night our team introduced the following new features and feature enhancements.  The build went live on the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2022. 


  • Cancelled Services Report
  • Consistency Report

Features & Updates

Cancelled Services Report

The Cancelled Services report has 3 tabs to show cancelled service set information: Summary by Cancellation Reason, Summary by Default Team, and all Service Set Data. It can be filtered by Scope Group, Team, Zone, Satellite Offices, Frequency, and Customer Source. The Cancellation Reason tab also shows how long a customer received services before cancelling. 

Why it Matters:

Understanding when and why customers cancel services can help company growth to show where to focus efforts to reduce overall customer churn. This report can also show if there are any teams that have more cancellations than others to indicate a need for additional training. 

Consistency Report

As an industry we talk about consistency....consistently (pun intended), but there aren't any measurements for this performance indicator. This report is MaidCentral's first look at measuring consistency at a service set level. While still in "beta" this report can be used to see all service sets based on the past "x" number of jobs or for a period of time. It shows data for scheduling consistency, such as how often jobs are completed by the default team at the default time, as well as, technician and time consistency. Future enhancements for this report may include a company consistency score, time consistency by team, a company schedule consistency score, and others!

Why it Matters:

This report can be used by schedulers and managers to determine which service sets may be better served by a new permanent spot on the recurring schedule. If they have low consistency on the default team or time, that means there is a recurring reason that this service has to be moved from the default spot. While consistency is great for our customers and they tend to be the ones to ask for it, our technicians and company productivity are better served when the same technicians are able to clean the same homes. The new Consistency Report is just the first step in helping consistency be the priority for our schedulers. 


Other Updates

  • Updated the "Week of the Year" calculations to fix the visual bug on the Master Schedule and update the week calculations on Revenue Production Planning
  • Updated the Holiday Pay functionality on the Payroll Summary
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements
    • Bulk Rate Modifications End date
    • Campaigns adding emails and text messages to customer notes
    • Holiday pay applies to correct column
    • Fixed-rate of time and multiple select list quoting options calculation update
    • Payroll Summary Error
    • Customer Counts link
    • Saving HTML in Service Set editor
    • Estimate/Lead Search updated Date Filtering and Results Count
    • Tickets Report export functionality

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