Build Highlights - October 27th, 2022

Build Highlights - 
Last night our team introduced the following new features and feature enhancements.  The build went live on the evening of Thursday, October 27th, 2022


  • New Calendar Views: Monthly & Weekly
  • Highlight Team Availability on Job Schedule
  • Team Sorting and Disabling
  • Invoice Details Reports: All, open, closed invoices in one place

Features & Updates

  • Including Lockout Jobs on Batch Invoicing
  • Removed Points of Interest from Efficiency Maps
  • Employee Notes are Searchable
  • On the Way Notification Updates
  • Dispatch Board Totals Row
  • Sales to Quote Calculations on Sales KPIs
  • Stats by Week Date Filter
  • Added tab for Day and Clock change requests on Daily Timeclocks
  • Updated delete pending jobs functionality
  • Updated columns on Scopes of Work Summary to include Technician Efficiency



Monthly Calendar View

This is a calendar that can be viewed as monthly or weekly with all jobs in the time frame. It is filterable by team, frequency, location, and tags as well. Users can edit, reschedule, and cancel jobs from this calendar.

Why it Matters:

This is an alternative way to view a few teams' upcoming schedules in one place and also to see specific types of jobs in one place. This can be used to look at the entire schedule for one team for the next month which is helpful in finding rescheduled openings on highly requested teams.

Using the Advanced filter you can be used to find jobs in the next week or month that are First Time In’s, Deep Cleans, Move Outs, or any other tag you use. This is useful for companies with Quality Assurance Representatives that do field quality checks to see upcoming jobs they need to visit.

Job Schedule: Highlight Team Availability

The job schedule will now have a highlighted bar that indicates the team’s scheduled availability. It will show a bar from the earliest scheduled time of any technician on the team to the latest time of any technician scheduled on the team. Teams that do not have the highlighted bar do not have any technicians available on that day.

Why it Matters:

This is a visible representation of when technicians are scheduled directly on the Job Schedule to help keep scheduling seamless. 

Team Sorting and Disabling

You’ll now be able to reorder and hide teams.

Why it Matters:

Teams still cannot be deleted, but by hiding them we’re able to reduce some clutter on the Job Schedule and a few other places. Reordering teams will allow you to further develop your MaidCentral workflow to increase office efficiency.

Batch Invoice: Include Lockout jobs

The batch invoicing report will now pull in lockout jobs.

Why it Matters:

Lockout jobs for batch invoice customers do not remain on the Invoicing and Job Records page and are included with other batch items for batch invoiced customers. All past Lockout jobs that were displayed on the I&J report for Batch Invoice Customers will now show up in Batch Invoice. Partners will need to invoice or delete these jobs from Batch Invoice.


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