Submit a Feature Request or Idea

As a user within MaidCentral you may come across something, or think of a feature that may be beneficial to other companies as well as yourself. If you have an idea like this MaidCentral has the MaidCentral Ideas Center available for you to submit your idea directly to MaidCentral leadership for review and possible future implementation. 


How to Submit an Idea

  • Log into your MaidCentral instance and click the MaidCentral Support button in the bottom left of your screen


  • From that button choose MaidCentral Ideas Center
  • You can then submit an idea from this chat box or choose "Open in Portal" and submit it from the next page


  • You can then choose "Dashboard" in the top right and review other people's ideas, and vote on whether you think it's needed or not

What's Coming?

  • Review ideas that are "Planned" and "In Progress" once you have accessed your portal. 


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  • Comment author
    Sherry Weavers

    This isn't working for me.  Where can I get access to the Ideas Portal?


  • Comment author
    Permanently deleted user

    Sherry Weavers Everyone has access by default as long as they are accessing it from their MaidCentral instance. If you are having issues please submit a ticket with what you are experiencing and the steps you are taking leading up to the issue. 

    Thank you!


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