Booking Form Redirect URL - Online Booking Conversion Tracking

MaidCentral has the ability to send your visitors to another page when they complete an online booking. This feature will allow you to create tracking events in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Platform, or other tools that help you track online conversion events on your website. 

You can have a redirect for every scope group. So if you do windows, you could track unique online conversions for that scope group, versus your residential house cleaning online conversion tracking. 

Best practice is to create a stand alone page that web visitors can only reach if they are redirected there by your MaidCentral online booking form. That way each unique event is captured and you can use analytics tools to measure your marketing and sales conversion performance. 

Company > Quoting and Scopes > Scopes of Work 




Scopes are organized into Scope Groups. You can see above that Residential Cleaning is the Scope Group and it has several Scopes under it including General Clean, Deep Clean Whole House, Etc...

Click on the Scope Group, in this case, I will click on Residential Cleaning. 



There will be a text box that will allow you to add your complete url including https or http address. Save the page and now whenever someone finishes an online booking with MaidCentral you can redirect them to your thank you or online conversion page. 



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