Lead Form Redirect URL

You have the ability to redirect your lead capture form to a unique URL. The reason you might want to do this would be to create a unique page that traffic hits when they complete your MaidCentral lead capture form. You can then identify that page in analytics tools like Google Analytics, and any visits to that page can be tracked as a lead conversion. 

Note: Best practice is to have this page not available in your navigation. You only want visitors to get to this page when they complete your lead form


How To:
To set this up in MaidCentral - Company Tab > General > Logos Marketing & UI







There is a box that says External Quoting Tool. That is where your link should be displayed.



If you are using MaidCentral's online quoting tool, this is where your booking page should be installed. You can send it to any thank you page if you are not using MaidCentral's booking tool.

Note: If you have the MaidCentral booking form installed properly, it will read all of the information your lead filled out on your lead form and skip step 1 of the booking form. Meaning they will not need to put their information in again. It will read that data from the URL string that is sent over from the lead form. 

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