Troubleshooting - The information I put in Home Information is not showing

When putting in information into the section of the Home Information tab, there may be a time when you save it and it does not show on the next screen. This happens when there is hidden HTML in the information you put into into the fields, rendering it to not be seen. 

This can happen when writing your copy in an outside software or app, then copying the text directly from there and pasting into the Home Information fields

To fix this

  • Go to the Home Information tab and choose "Edit"
  • Copy the text from the field it is not showing in and the delete all of it
  • Paste that text into the Notepad App (Windows) or the TextEdit App (Mac) 
  • Copy it from there and paste it back into the desired Home Information field
  • This will remove any of the hidden HTML code and have it display without issue


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