PTO, Sick Days, & Holiday Additional Pay Report (Video)

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Quickly pay your employees for Paid Time Off (PTO), Sick Days, or Holiday Pay using the MaidCentral - Company - Invoicing & Payroll - Paid Time Off Report.

Introduced during a build in April 2022, this report makes it easy to bulk create and add additional pay to employees' payroll in the form of approved PTO, Sick Days, or Holiday Paid Days. Follow along as we show you how to.  


  • PTO and Holiday Report / Additional Pay 
    •  This report will bulk-create Employee Additional Pay items. It shows applicable Additional Pay items that have already been created for the Request or Holiday, for the date. 
      • Company > Payroll > All Reports > Paid Time Off
        • Filter by Date Range
          • Queries
            • Employee Schedule Requests
            • Company Holidays (see below) 
          • Additional Filters are Available
            • Request Status
            • Request Type
            • Employee Tag
          • Employee Schedule Requests
            • One row per day, per employee
            • Hours are pulled from the duration of the request
            • If a Schedule Request spans many days, additional rows are visible for a single Schedule Request. This will create many Additional Pay, one for each day. 
              • Hours for each day are determined by the Total Request Hours divided by the number of days for the Request. 
          • Company Holidays
            • For each Holiday in the Date Range
            • Returns a row for all Employees who: 
              • Have a Salary set to 0 (Employee Details > Pay and Tax Info)
              • Do not have a termination date set
            • Hours are stored at the Holiday and are used as the default
          • Hourly Rate is pulled from Employee Details > Pay and Tax Info > Hourly Rate
          • Displays related Additional Pay for the row (by Date/Employee/Type)
            • Edit and Delete Additional Pay buttons
          • Creating Additional Pays from the Report
            • Hourly Rate and Hours can be changed viz textbox on the page (overriding the default) 
              • If the calculated amount is $0, Additional Pay will not be created
            • Only Checked Rows will create Additional Pay
            • Will not create more than one Additional Pay, if a related Additional Pay is found
        • New Company Holiday Feature
          • Company > Partner > Settings > Company Holidays Tab
          • Manage Holidays on a Calendar (Only 1 Holiday per Date) 
  • Employee Details > Additional Pay Tab 
    • Can create/edit/delete Additional Pay from this tab 
      • No need to load the Payroll > Additional Report


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