Rate Increase and Rate Adjustment Controls Additional Filters

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The MaidCentral Rate Increase/Adjustment controls make it very easy for you to complete timely and appropriate rate increases or adjustments.

There are Additional Filters available that allow you to Include or Exclude certain job types when determining which customers appear when you are selecting to do a rate increase or a rate adjustment.  All boxes that are kept checkmarked will be included when selecting the customers that appear on the report.  When unchecked, those types of jobs will be excluded from the search.

In addition to the four checkboxes, you can also filter by Service Set Types (Scopes of Work), Frequency, Home Zones, and Scorecard feedback.

  • Include First Time In Jobs -- A job determined to be a First Time In Job is indicated by having the First Time In Tag used on that job.  When booking a new customer via the Quoting Tool (office or online) the tag is automatically applied to the first time in job.  If you are using the Create Customer feature to add new customers, you'll want to add the tag to the first time in job manually and save.
  • First_Time_In_Checked.png
  • Include Redo Jobs -- A Redo job occurs after a job is deemed that a technician(s) must return to correct areas of concern expressed by the customer as not being done adequately. 
  • Redo_Checked.png
  • Include Trainee Jobs -- A Trainee Job is determined when an employee(s) marked with the default position of Trainee checks in/out of jobs.
  • Default_Positing_Trainee.png
    Include Time Rate Mod Jobs -- When creating a rate modification for a job, you have the opportunity to add or subtract away minutes/time from said rate modification.  EX.  Window Cleaning $7 for 10 minutes.  If you include time in a recurring or single rate modification this option will let you determine if you include or exclude those types of jobs when doing a rate increase or adjustment.
  • Service Set Types -- Better known as Scopes of Work in MC 2.0, these are the scopes of work you offer to your customers.
  • Frequency -- The frequencies offered in MaidCentral include Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Three Weeks, Every Four Weeks, Other Recurring, Single, and On Demand.  This helps if for examples you'd just like to review your weekly customers and potential rate increases or adjustments for that specific frequency type only.
  • Home Zones -- If you'd like to do rate increases or adjustments by zones, this option is available.
  • Scorecards -- If you'd like to review scorecard feedback before determining to increase or adjust a customer's rate, you can do so.  If for example, you see that a customer is already considering another company, it may or may not be a great time to increase or adjust their rate.
  • Advanced_Features_Support_Maids.png


Percentage-Based Rate Modifiers:

Rate modifiers that are  %-based, and added through the quoting tool, or bulk rate modifiers can be updated alongside the base rate when the below seen setting is checked when filtering the report!


Things to Note:

Rate modifiers that are manually created and not added from the quoting tool or bulk rate modificatons will not be updated by this setting.

Custom rate modifiers have custom ID's which can not be updated by thsi report.



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