Build Highlights May 12, 2022

We will be releasing a build that will go out overnight tonight, May 12. In this build, you will find a handful of features, such as a Bulk delete option under Batch Invoicing, and various Enhancements such as an update to the Stats by Week report so that it will populate Revenue for all $0 weeks. Read below to find out all of the new features and enhancements you can expect to see when you log on in the morning. 



  • Batch Invoicing: There is now a Bulk delete option
  • Job Worksheet UI Updates
    • Hide sections that don’t have any data
  • MC 2.0: Lead/Quote Search Add Columns and Filters
  • Payroll: Time Sheet Set to Salary is Salary Employee



  • Batch Invoicing: Select all Checkbox is working
  • Company > Invoicing & Jobs > All Reports > Closed Date display Last Modified Date
    • Updated to display Date Created
  • Payroll: Close Payroll provides visual feedback that it’s in progress
  • Pricing Summary now displays discount codes
  • MC 2.0:
    • Revenue by Week 500 Error Resolved
    • Tickets can now be closed
    • Clicking backwards in workflow no longer giving bad request
    • Customer Campaign Showing Scorecards
    • Deleting Campaigns off Leads not working
    • Multiply Input By (Pets) now calculating correctly
    • Online Booking: Price Summary being cut off on some devices has been resolved
    • Sales Tax based off of Shipping address instead of Billing address
      • Both Batch Invoicing and Individual Invoicing
    • Stats By Week data updating, no data missing
      • Will populate Revenue for all $0 weeks for all Service Companies
    • Visual Bug with Rate Mod resolved
  • Invoicing: Skip Fee and Lockout Fee should not be case sensitive
    • This only applies when manually adding the fee to a Skip or Lockout Job

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