Build Highlights April 28, 2022

In this article, you will find information about what was released overnight in the latest build on April 28, 2022. Included in the updates that you’ll find is a change to the Online Booking Tool. To learn more in-depth about the changes in the Online Booking Experience, please review the video below for a walkthrough of the changes. Aside from the Online Booking Updates, you now have the ability to view your Closed Tickets, you will find an added column for Hire Date in your PTO Report, and much more, continue reading below to uncover all of the changes from this build.




  • Report: You now have the ability to view Closed Tickets
  • A new report has been created with Advanced Filtering. Accessible by clicking View All (tickets) on the Dashboard and on the Reports List Page
  • PTO Report: Added a Column for Hire Date
  • Quote Rounding: Updated Option Text
  • MC 2.0:
    • Online Booking Quoting
      • Update pricing summary to only show Totals for each Scope
      • Open Terms and Conditions in a New Tab
      • Don’t scroll to the iFrame on the page when loading step 1, this makes the page jump on some Partners’ websites
      • If you see an extra scroll bar when looking at your Online Booking Tool, you can go to MaidCentral and copy the new iFrame code to paste in place of your old iFrame code, this will make it look correct
        • iFrame code was changed from scrolling=”yes” no scrolling=”no” to remove the additional scrollbars
      • Online Quoting: Got to Step 2 Automatically is all values are passed in the Query String



  • Customer Portal: Removed Rate Mods with type “Other”
  • Employee PTO for Unexcused Absence will stay Unexcused
    • If schedule is set to Unexcused and request is linked to it, the schedule will remain Unexcused
  • Gross Profit by Service Set now working
  • PTO Report Date Range Updates
    • Only show dates for a Multiple Day Request that are applicable by the Date Filter
  • PTO Report Menu now visible
  • PTO Report: Employee Scheduled Requests that span many days will not create Additional Pays
  • Report: Create Account Customer Invite – Change Label to Future Pending Jobs
  • Service Company Goal: You can now create a value with a comma
  • Broadcast Message Checkboxes now stay when switching communication method
    • Uncheck all rows when changing the Text/Email option since data table changes
  • MC 2.0:
    • Charge Customers Internal Server Error no longer happening
    • Text Message Scorecard link no longer showing expired
    • Lead Campaigns no longer going to out of service area zip codes
    • Lead Created Note no longer listed as Email
    • Sales Tax based off of Shipping address instead of billing address

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