Build Highlights April 14, 2022

The latest MaidCentral build was released overnight on April 14, 2022. We’re excited to share these changes with you; we especially can’t wait to tell you more about our changes to the PTO and Holiday Report. In addition to that change, you will find numerous other new features and enhancements, such as Advanced Filtering for Tags and Skills, a new Team Position badge on the Job Scheduler, and the ability to see a customer's Preferred Days of the Week on the Service Set Info View. Continue reading to learn more about this build, and be sure to click the link to view more information on the new PTO and Holiday Report. 





  • Customer Sources: You now have the ability to hide/show customers sources for Online Booking 
    • Added two columns for Active and Hide on Online Quoting, also added an Actions menu
  • Employee Details: Ability to add Additional Pay items from Employee Details page
  • Employee Search: Advance Filtering: Search by Tags and Skills
    • Added Advanced Filtering for Tags and Skills, Added a Tag Column (this is only visible if Filtering by a Tag), Added Excel Export
    • Employee Search: Display Tags and Roles (similar to Skills) 
  • Employee Tags/Skills: Breakout Hourly and Scheduled Tags
  • I&J Report Update Allowed Hours and Actual Hours
    • Changed Base Hours to say Allowed Hours and added Actual Hours
  • Job Scheduler: Team Position Badge added
  • Report: Stats by Week, Revenue per Week should match Sales KPIs report 
    • Updated Revenue per Week +/- field to match the Sales KPI report 
  • Report: Stats by Week subtract Tips from Gross Pay
    • Added a Subtract Tips from Gross Pay field
  • Updated the description for feature: Payroll: Allowed Hours and Prorate Employee Pay
  • MC 2.0: 
    • Now shows Preferred Days of Week on Service Set Info view
    • Add Checkboxes for Service Set Edit to change Days of Week
    • Edit Days of the Week at the Service Set Edit Page
    • Quoting UI and Email don’t show Recurring and First if they are the same
    • Renamed the Scopes of Work menu item and added breadcrumb to Quoting & Scopes
    • Agreement Terms no longer shows Add-On as .55 cents


  • Report: Employee Stats will still load if there aren’t any Productivity Columns
  • Report: Open Invoices, total columns no longer off by one (added a column to report)
  • MC 2.0:
    • Default Rooms Saving
    • Added a checkbox to the Employee Stats Report whether to load Productivity or not. This is unchecked by default. 
    • Doubled up campaigns can now be deleted
    • Home Zone for Canadian Partners: Fix for potential customers not being able to book when receiving Not in Zip Code Error
    • MaidCentral can now send emails to addresses ending in an underscore 
    • Rate Modifications that were Percentage based are now calculated correctly on initial load of the Quoting Tool 
    • Sales KPI no longer showing a 500 Error
    • Scope > Questions now loading answers
    • Testimonial iFrame Error no longer occurring 

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