MaidCentral Automated Campaigns

MaidCentral has automated marketing campaigns available. These campaigns are segmented into 4 types. 1. External Leads - Leads that come in from your website. 2. Internal Leads - Leads that are created by your office. 3. External Quotes - Quotes generated by your online booking tool installed on your website. 4. Internal Quotes - Quotes created by your office staff.




Install MaidCentral on your Website

MaidCentral has different iFrame codes that you can install on your website that allow you to either capture leads directly into MaidCentral, or you can install MaidCentral's online booking tool that will provide quotes to your potential cleaning customers, and even allow them to complete their sale based on your companies real-time availability.

Leads vs Quotes

A lead whether it comes from your website or office does not usually have an address and has not yet been provided pricing. If it is an internal quote you can add an address. A quote whether created by your office or the online booking tool has captured the address for the home, and details required to generate a price for a Scope of Work (a type of service that you sell).

Campaign Segmentation

MaidCentral allows you to segment leads and quotes based on the way they have interacted with your company. You may want to treat a customer quoted online differently than an office quote, in terms of your follow-up sequences.

MaidCentral's automated campaigns allow you to set up follow-up sequences. There are 3 main options for follow-ups:

1. Text Message

2. Email

3. Create a Reminder Ticket - Opens a ticket for your sales dashboard in MaidCentral.

Timers & End Points

A few things to note.

1. Leads automatically get a system email, but there is a 5-minute delay before it is sent. This prevents customers who now have a quote, or who have completed their booking from receiving redundant marketing emails.

2. A quote email goes out regardless. These can be customized under Company > Templates.

3. The timers are pretty simple in MaidCentral, and they are all from the last action. So if you set it to send a text message after 1 day, it will be one day from the last action, so there is potential for a couple of items to stack up if you don't have your office staffed on weekends.

4. Automated Text Messages only go out during business hours set under Company > Settings

5. Emails will have an unsubscribe button, and contacts can unsubscribe from text marketing by replying STOP. It is best practice to but that language in your text messages.

If a lead becomes a quote or books a cleaning, the lead campaign sequence will end. The sequence will otherwise go till the last item you have created has run.

If a quote books a cleaning the quote sequence will end. You can also end it by closing the lead. Otherwise, it will continue to run until the last item has been completed. #automations #marketing #sales #cleaningbusinessautomation.

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