MC 2.0 -- Create Scope of Work to Quote by Room

MC 2.0 - This video goes over a general way to set up a scope of work to quote by room



  • Ability to create unique questions that affect the price or simply collect data. For example, you can create unique questions like "On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being I clean my home every week, and 10 being I don't think my home has ever been cleaned". Custom questions like this apply a factor, flat time, or percentage of the time. Your creativity is the limit here. 
  • You can change the order of questions, and even place questions at different steps in the process. An example of this is you might add questions that are required before you take them to the pricing page. 
  • Questions can be customized for online or office quoting.
  • Ability to add custom tooltips and icons to questions.

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