MC 2.0 -- Internal Quoting Overview (Video)

MC 2.0 -- This video goes over what doing an internal quote will look like with 2.0



  • Quote multiple Scopes of work at the same time. You can send your customers a deep clean quote, recurring quote, and even multiple frequencies all on the same quote. 
  • Automatic saving of each step and the ability to navigate back to previous steps quickly.
  • You can create dynamic questions that are hidden or shown based on your workflow. Your questions can be designed in such a way to guide your salespeople through the process from start to finish in an organized and logical path. 
  • Quote by Square footage and or Rooms depending on the Scope selected. 
  • Tooltips that help you understand how the price was calculated and the hours that have been created for that scope. Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_5.15.27_PM.png

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