Sending, Tracking, and Managing On The Way Reminder Notifications

Features - 

A great feature that allows you to notify your customers that the team is On The Way Notifications!

Setup and management

On the way notifications are setup like other notifications inside of MaidCentral.

Inside of a customer profile under the "Contacts & Notifications" Tab, you can manually add a "On the way" notification or you can setup default notifications so that all customers will automatically be setup with the "On the Way" notification when booked through the quoting tool


The way your On the Way message will look is based upon your template and the medium it will be sent over

You can edit your templates under the Company Tab > Templates. Below are the 3 On the Way Templates 



Sending On The Way Notifications

Technicians will be manually sending the On the Way notifications - They will not be automatically sent there are a few parameters as to when a technician will see an on the way and how they can be sent


Several things to note -

  • If the Team, the technician is assigned to is set to start at Their Home, The Technician does not have to be clocked in to send the "On the Way" reminder. 
    • MaidCentral will then allow a 1-hour buffer before their First Job's Scheduled Start Time to show the On the Way Modal.
    • Ex: If Suzy's first job is scheduled at 9:00 am, and she signs into her portal at 7:50 am she will not get the notification modal
  • If the Team the technician is assigned to start at the office. The Technician Will not get the notification until clocked in 
  • A teams start and end location is managed under the Company Tab > Teams


For Example : If I Sign into my Employee Portal at 7am and my First Job is scheduled at 8:30am, they will NOT see the On the Way Modal.  If they log in at 730am, they WILL see the On the Way Modal

  •  “On The Way'' text will show the estimated travel time no matter where the technician is starting their day.
  • It will always display the "office address" as the starting location
  • The actual calculation is based off the starting position set under Company > Teams
  • They have the ability to adjust the time that indicates how soon they'll arrive if they know they need to stop for gas or lunch.

I closed my notification modal: 

  • You can click on the home information of the job, go back to their dashboard, and the modal  will appear again. as seen in the video below



Confirming On the Way Notifications Were Sent -

You can confirm if an email/text/ automated phone call for your On The Way Notification was sent and recieved by checking under the Customer Profile > Notes Tab - there should be a note that displays your corresponding template



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