Scorecard Tip Options - How to Handle Tips After Jobs Are Invoiced or Payroll is Closed

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Once the job is completed, the client will be sent a score card asking them to rate their cleaning and provide feedback.  

If the customer has billing terms set to Credit Card there is a "leave a tip" option on the scorecard.  The amount will be displayed on that week's payroll for those team members that did the work and the tip amount will also be displayed as a line item on the invoice so that you can charge it with the cleaning. If there was more than one team member, the tip will be divided automatically among all scheduled team members.

If you have created invoices but have not closed payroll: the tip left via that scorecard will open a ticket (see below) on your dashboard to indicate you need to Add Tip to that invoice for the job and run the additional charge on their card.



  • Click on the name on the ticket on the Dashboard to open their client page
  • Once on the client page the last invoice is on the first page in the bottom right corner and click on View Invoicemceclip1.png
  • If payroll has not been closed for that job day you are able to add a tip on the invoice here. Put in the tip amount, click Add Tip. The page will refresh and in that same spot it will now have the option to charge the card on file for the remaining balance (the tip amount). mceclip2.png

If you have closed payroll: When a client adds a tip via the scorecard this will also open a ticket on your dashboard.  (Please note to allow tips after jobs are invoiced/payroll is closed this is a Company > General > Feature that you must have enabled.)  That tip option will still be displayed, but you'll have to invoice the item via QB, not MaidCentral.  You'll also need to charge their card via your credit card processor directly.  Finally, you'll want to add the tip to the technician(s) who cleaned that home via the Additional Pay Report.

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