Rotational Clean Tag

In MaidCentral, you can tag a home(s) as having the tag "Rotational Clean". The Rotational Clean Tag can be used by your company to indicate any different type of rotating services you may offer.

EX:  When a recurring clients wants different things done on different visits you can setup multiple service sets and use the Rotational Clean Tag to indicate this for each Service Set. 

  1. A weekly client wants their whole house cleaned one week and just the downstairs cleaned the following week, you can setup 2 Every Two Week service sets, and include all rooms in one and just the downstairs room in the other.  These two service sets will run on opposite weeks, and can have different rate logs with different allowed times and bill rates.
  2. You clean weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  You have three service sets, one for each day.
  3. The customers basement is rotated in once a month to be cleaned.  Again you'd establish two service sets one with and without the basement with correct allowed labor hours and bill rates.

PLEASE NOTE - This tag does not control the Rotating Rooms functionality that MaidCentral offers.  Learn more about that feature from our Rotational Deep Clean article and video.


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