Scorecard Scoring System

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There are five possible responses.  The lowest score gets a point value of 0, the highest score gets a point value of 4.  Then we take the average point value score and multiply by 25 to get a percent score.  The lowest possible score is 0% (0x25) and the highest possible score is 100% (4x25).

EX.  Scorecards are ranked on the following scale: 4 = 100% 3 = 75% 2 = 50% 1 = 25% and 0 = 0%.  If I have 4 4s and 3 3s I have 7 total scorecards returned.  My AVG % would then be calculated by taking 4 * 1 = 4 and 3 * .75 = 2.25.  Add 4 + 2.25 and my total is 6.25 divided by 7 total scorecards returned gives me a Scorecard % of 89.29%.    

The reason MaidCentral uses this system is because the most versatile system is one that you can convert between numeric score and percentage. A 5 point system with scores ranging from 0 to 4 is best suited for this, simply take the numeric score or average and multiply by 25 to get the percentage.

Other systems do not intuitively translate from numeric to percentage. You know the lowest scores should be 0%, and the highest would be 100%, but converting the average to percentage for any number in between is not intuitive.

Obviously you can create a formula to do the conversion but it’s much less intuitive and the easier it is to understand the more useful it is.  






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