Automated Phone Messages

Maid Central allows you to send pre-recorded phone messages to your clients.  


 First you will need to set up what you wanted your phone messages to say.

To do this you would first go to:  Company Tab > Templates  


Select or create any Template that the "Medium" is Automated Phone Call

If you do not have a previous message, create your message and hit Save Template. 

If you already have a template written in the editor for phone calls, copy your original message and paste it somewhere to save it as you'll want to paste it back once you've created the new phone message for cases where you want to change the message..  

Once your template is set up, it's time to send the automated phone call.  To do this, you can either choose people from your campaigns, or, if you want to select the message to go to individual jobs, you would do that through the Routing Report.

To send an automated phone call via Routing Report:

Reports Routing Report

Select the date of everyone you want to send a message to.  Scroll down the page and click the little telephone to individually send the automated phone call to each client.  You can also do this from the Daily Notification report.  

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