Termination: Steps and FAQs


There are a few steps to terminating an employee, the below article will outline these steps and some recommendations.



Setting a "Termination Date" for an employee will automate much of the process for you, there are a few other recommended, but not required steps!

Step 1

  • Under the Employee Profile


Setting a Termination date will do the following to the employee 

  • Move them from the Active Employee List to the Inactive Employee List
  • Automatically lock the Employee User Account, 
  • Remove any availability under the availability tab after that date.


We do not recommend adding the termination date until after the day the employee was terminated has passed!

  • Setting the termination date immediately removes the employee from being able to add payroll information, reports that count current employee information, and other functionality.

Step 2

A lot of partners and companies, like having a way to see why an employee was terminated or options to leave a "reason for termination", MaidCentral Allows you to do this through adding a Note!

  • At the top right of the employee profile, clicking the "Add note" under - Actions button - will allow you to create a note that will appear under the employee notes at all times!



Please Note* A list of terminated/Inactive employees can be found under the Employees Tab > Search Employees.  As seen below, you will need to show the advanced filter, and check "Show Terminated"


Step 3

Although adding a termination date automatically locks the employee's user account, we recommend removing their email from the user account field by changing the email associated with the user.

  • Under the Employee profile > User Account Tab, you can select " Change Email/Username" and set a new username for the account
  • Recommending Throwaways
    •  (EmployeeName)Throwaway12345@throwaway.com
    • (Random)termination12345@termination.com
    • -any random series of (letters+numbers)@ (something) . com will work -
    • (try not to use gmail, yahoo, comcast or real website for the .com_


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