Adding Pictures to a House that shows on All Jobs

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This MaidCentral How-To shows you what to do to add rooms to a home and then also how to add a photo to a room.

PLEASE NOTE -- Uploading images to rooms is only available to the internal staff team members only. Office role and higher.


Upload Image to Room

The best way to add a picture that will display to your technicians is by attaching it to a room in that service set. This article will outline how to add a room and a picture to that room so technicians can see the picture on their job like below.


For our example, we will be adding a picture of how a customer likes their bed made.


Create Room:

To create a room we will want to navigate to the "Room Master" tab at the home level of the customer. Once inside the Room Master, select the Dry/Wet/Other Room to add that correlates to your picture

As seen below we have added the Bedroom as were going to add a picture of how to make the bed.


Add Picture to Room

Once the room has been created, we can open the next pending job and add a picture to the room following the below steps 


Below is how the picture will be displayed in the room to the technicians. The picture can be selected and increased in size.


Follow along with our video as we add a picture to a room:





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