Dashboard Report -- Availability Calendar

Scheduling - 
Reports > Dashboards > Availability Calendar

To be used for someone like a Sales person to quickly be able to see how much revenue is left over to sell for each day - whether that would be the original goal or override.

Shows revenue available each day for each specific Scope Group - cannot be updated from this page - needs to be updated from Company > Scopes of Work. Select a Scope Group to Manage from your Revenue and Goals.

How To Adjust your Availability on your Online and Internal Availability Calendar (Video)

Set revenue goals for each day you clean for the Scope Group selected. Your revenue goals should be the max amount of money you want to earn each day in accordance with your current staffing. (EX. a cleaning technicians can handle $250/day. I currently have 10 cleaning technicians. Set my revenue goal at $2500.)


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