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  • Company >Invoicing & Payroll > All Reports > Stats by Week​

In order for this report to populate data, payroll will need to be closed 

For larger or smaller sets of data you can select a date range that best suits your needs! from the top right of the report


  • Dashboard Sections include: Revenue, Payroll to Revenue, Cleaning Hourly Rate, Net Change, Customer Count, Average Hourly Rate, Staff Count, Quality Score​

  • Payroll Stats by week Charts include: Revenue to Payroll, Recurring Customers, Scorecard Average Rating​

  • Payroll Stats by week Data columns include: Week Start, Revenue, Job Count, Job Hours, Allowed Hours, Clock Hours, Payroll Total, Staff Count, Staff Hired, Staff Lost, Revenue Per Week +/-, Payroll/Revenue, Avg. Bill Rate, Cleaning Rate/hr, Ave. Pay Rate, Job Hours/Clock Hours, Scorecards Sent, Scorecards Received, Scorecard Avg Score %

Side Notes for Calculations and totals:

  • Additional Pay for Bonus, Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, and Vacation Pay are included. 
  • Lockout/Skip Fees are NOT included in the Revenue Section of the report
  • Reimbursements are NOT included in Revenue Total column on your Stats by Week report
  • Customer count : Only customers with 6+ pending jobs will show



Frequently Asked questions and Answers

Q: How is the Payroll to Revenue calculated.  Does it include all employees?  Just technicians?  Technicians who had a job and also worked in the office?  Does it include Tips?  Holiday Pay?

 A: Payroll to Revenue for the current Stats by week Report takes anyone that had Greater than 0 Job Hours during the date range set on the Payroll Summary report and it will take the sum of their gross wages.

EX. 1 -  I work one job in the field on Monday and I check in and out of a house.  I work one job in the field on Tuesday and I check in and out of a house.  I work Wednesday through Friday in the office and do not work in the field.  My total Gross Wages for that pay period will all show toward the Payroll Total column on Stats by Week Report.

EX. 2 I work in the office only for 30 hours during the date range selected and do not work in the field and do not check in/out of any house.  My Gross Wages will not show up in the column for Payroll Total on the Stats by Week report.




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