How to Use the Master Schedule - Master Schedule Overview

Master Schedule -

The Master Schedule is A quick and great way to Manage, visualize and correct any recurring service sets that either do not have a default team or time set. Or adjust current recurring jobs to better organize your schedule and make your recurring jobs, and teams more efficient!


The Master Schedule is a tool built to help you visualize and manage all your recurring service sets over the entire 4 week rotation for all teams. 



the Master Schedule will only display recurring customer jobs only; Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Four Weeks are included.

Also, The Master Schedule uses the Service Set Type Planned Team Size and the Service Set Default Teams to calculate team size. It also uses the Service Set default start time.   

The Master schedule uses its logic off of the Next Job - If you schedule an off-rotation job the master schedule will visually change (EX: Normally the job is Week 2-4, if you schedule a job on week 3, the master schedule will show week 1-3 when that out of rotation job is scheduled)

If there is a Disabled Team still showing on the Master Schedule - Teams will show on the master schedule if they meet 1 of 2 conditions. 1) An employee is assigned to that team or 2) Jobs are assigned to that team. If a disabled team is still showing on your master schedule one of the 2 above reasons is why!

Actual job times, scheduled teams, team size, or overridden team size DO NOT effect the Master Schedule.



Conflicts will appear under the Week section at the top of the master schedule - a Conflict means that there are overlapping jobs.


You can see what the conflicts are by clicking on the blue link  and it will bring up a section that outlines the conflictmceclip1.png

Seen above, the conflict is that "Custer home" ends at 2:58, but the Crouch home starts at 1:30

- "Team six" can not be at both Custer and Crouch Home from 1:30 to 2:58 - that is the conflict.

Adjusting the Default start time, or team will resolve this conflict


Resolving conflicts enables you to schedule and sell efficiently for the future!


Visually a conflict, looks like overlapping jobs - Seen below, the Custer home overlaps both the Crouch, and McCallister job causing conflicts.



Weeks 1,2,3 and 4 :

 The master schedule uses a "weekly" format for each job

The starting day of each week is listed at the top of the master schedule



A great way to see the weekly breakdowns and what day will be what week # is through the "Revenue and production Planning Report" 

Seen below is the Revenue Production Planning sorted by "week" for a 2 month time range - In the "Week Column" the 1st number 1-4 is the week that the master schedule uses for Week 1-4

The 2nd number is the actual week of the year. so 1-8 is week 1 for the master schedule - 8th week of the year.






Here is a short video of how to use the Master Schedule:


Below is a long form video of how the master schedule works in a discussion format!




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