The Dirt Code Factor

The Dirt Code works just like the other 3 factors, (square footage, people, and pets).

How the factor works, is you assign a grade to 1-5 or 1-10 (the scale you set is up to you) The dirt code of 1 means that the house is amazingly clean and would have a factor of 1. As the dirt code # goes up, so does the factor, because the dirt code is telling you how clean the person's house is. If my scale is set from 1-5, 5 meaning the house is very dirty, that factor would be the highest and affect the quote the most. Factors will adjust the calculated cost for a Quote. Factors are multiplied by the calculated cost. For example, a Factor of 1 will not change the cost while a Factor of 1.25 will increase the cost by 25%.

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