Difference Between Customer Portal Templates

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What is the difference between, Customer Portal Invite and Create Account Customer Invite Email Templates.

Your Customer Portal Invite email is what will be sent when you go to Company Tab > Campaigns > Create Account Customer Invite.

Once you Generate a list of customers to email, click the Generate Email button. You can then select the template Customer Invite.

Customer Invite - Portal Invite --

This is the template that displays on the Company Campaigns Create Customer Account Invite.

Account Creation -- Customer Account Creation --

This is the template that displays and is sent from the Customer Level of the Account, User Account Tab, when you cut and paste the email address and then click Create Account with this Email.

Your customer account create template is the email template that will generate when you invite an individual customer to the portal from their User Account tab by pasting their email address in the available box, and then click the blue Create Account with this Email option.



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