MC Tech -- My Employee Profile, how to access and what you'll see

As a cleaning technician using MaidCentral you have access to a My Employee Profile tab. This video will walk you through how to access the page and what you will see once there.

To access your Employee portal you will go to (YourCompany), after locating your company's webpage you will be prompted to sign in using the Email + password you created.

* Please Note - Your office staff will send you an email to register an account.

Ex. I work at McCleaners - my login will be at

Upon logging in you will be brought to the Technician Dashboard where you can clock in for the day, check what jobs you have and even look at the home information!


By clicking the button at the top you will be brought to your employee profile where you can 

  • Change your password
  • View your payroll information (if the office has that feature enabled)
  • Change your contact Info
  • and Review Scorecards!

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