Service Set Pricing Report

The Service Set pricing Report is a great report to monitor and get any information needed for a specific service set inside MaidCentral

Things to note before looking at this report

  • The calculations aren't forward-looking. It shows past averages.
  • If a job doesn't have a time record, it's not included.

This report will populate all service sets that have a job with a timesheet in the date range selected, and you have the option to include trainee, and first-time jobs.


You can hide any column that you find unnecessary through the mceclip1.png button or export the report using the mceclip3.png button.



This report is a great way to break down which Service sets need rate increases, Time changes, How many skips, bumps, and all information related to a specific service set





This report also breaks down and contains the following Information:

Service Set Type


Customer Source

Start Date


Home Service ID

Service Set ID


Default Team(s)

Last Rate Change (Days)

Current Rate Effective Date

Current Base Fee

Current Allowed Hours

Current Frequency

Previous Rate Effective Date,

Previous Base Fee

Previous Allowed Hours

Previous Frequency

Completed Jobs (Jobs with a status of pending or closed that have time sheets)

Closed Jobs

Pending Jobs

Cancelled Jobs

Moved Jobs

Lock Out Jobs

Skipped Jobs

Bumped Jobs

Total Jobs

Redo Jobs


Total Labor Hours

Average (Avg) Labor Hrs/Job

Minimum Labor Hours

Maximum Labor Hours

Rev/Labor Hour

Quoted Labor Hours,

Wet Rooms

Dry Rooms

Other Rooms

Total Rooms

Home Sq Feet

Booked By

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