Additional Verbiage for Your First Customer of the Day's Notification

With MaidCentral's automated system adding time before and after start times, for arrival windows. The below article outlines some suggestions we have for your first customer of the day!


  • The window given to your customers  will depend on your settings seen below, under the Company Tab >  General

There, unfortunately, is not currently a way to have your 1st job of the day's notification be different than any others below is the suggested workaround!

The Message that is sent for notifications can be managed through its Template. These templates can be found Under the Company Tab >  Templates > Notification - Daily/Weekly


Below are some examples of how you can word your message, to reflect information for the 1st job of the day.
 "No arrivals will occur before 8:00 AM."


 "In our efforts to be more accurate with arrival times, you will receive a courtesy call in the morning letting you know the time we expect to arrive."  

"Please note: This arrival window is computer created. In general, our earliest job time is 9 am and our latest job start time is typically no later than 4:15pm. For clarification, your appointment time is the middle hour of your arrival window (meaning an 11am - 1pm arrival window has an appointment time at 12pm)."  

"Please disregard arrival window if you are the first job of the day.  Our earliest arrival time is 8:45AM to 9:30AM."

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