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MaidCentral has many  Features, that allow you to customize what technicians see and have access to on their dashboards! This article contains a list of those features, as well as descriptions of what they do and how they work!


Clock Features :


  • Always Display Check in/out table:

This feature will allow your technicians to clock in Specific Team members and display the "Clock in Table" seen below 

------When this feature is off checking into a job checks in all team members.-----

  • Clock in Team Members:

When this feature is enabled, any technician who is on the same team as another will be allowed to clock their team members in


Job Information Features:


  • Display Add On Rate

Enabling this feature will allow your technicians to see the breakdown of Rate modifiers, and add-ons from the job information.

  • Display Bill Rate/Fee Split Rate:

Enabling these features will allow your technicians to see the bill rate/ Fee Split rate under the service set information of each job on their portals

  • Display Customers Email Address/Phone Number:

Enabling this feature will allow technicians to see the customers Email Address's under the Customer Contacts section of the job information on the employee profile


  • Display Room Rates:

Enabling This Feature will allow your technicians to see the Rate of each room in the "Fee" breakdown of the job information, on their employee profile. seen below!

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