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When you set up a customer in Maid Central, that customer may have more than one home or more than one type of cleaning you perform at that home in the form of different service sets.

The following is a walkthrough video of the tabs at the Home Account Level of a Maid Central Account. Since most accounts have one customer, one home, and one service set, we focus on the lower level of the tabs associated with each Service Set, versus the tabs at the upper level of the account associated with all Service Sets included for that home.

PLEASE NOTE The Log tab is no longer available.

  • Service Sets Tab– A customer can have more than one service set per home  Lower Level Tabs associated with each separate Service Set.
  • Information Tab – Information pertaining to a Service Set.  Edit Service Set Information including Tags, Default Start Time, Default Start Team, Time prefer or exclude, Service Set Special Instructions, Service Set Special Equipment
  • Rate Log Tab – Base Fee, Allowed Labor Hours, Service Set Frequency details. Can update Base Fee or add Recurring Rate Modification.
  • Jobs Tab – Monthly Calendar view of Jobs for the Service Set. Shows Jobs Status, ability to Delete Pending Jobs from recurring Service Sets, Modify the Job Schedule, and View All Jobs.
  • Rooms Tab – List of all Rooms associated with the Service Set.
  • Technicians Tab – Records of cleaning dates, Team Members, Check-In times, Check Out times, and Actual Times on the Job.
  • Inspections Tab – Create a Pass/Fail Inspection with notes, date, and who completed the Inspection.
  • Contact Tickets Tab– Different form of the Customer Level Notes Tab. Includes Schedule Changes, Fee Changes, Job Status Changes, etc.
  • Scorecards Tab – Scorecards feedback completed for the Service Set.
  • Images Tab – Job Images Uploaded

Upper-Level Tabs are associated with all Service Sets.

  • Home Information Tab – Home Details including Tags, Location Phone, Home Key, Special Instructions, Pet Instructions, Home Directions, Special Equipment, Access Information, Internal Memo
  • Room Master Tab – All Rooms in the Home
  • Job Schedule Tab – Service Set Job Schedule View (Month, Week, Day)
  • Technicians Tab – Service Sets Records of Cleanings
  • Inspections Tab – Service Sets Inspection Records
  • Scorecards Tab – Service Sets Scorecard Records
  • Images Tab – Service Sets Job Images Uploaded


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