MaidCentral Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is an extremely helpful tool that allows your Customers to have more transparency into their service, schedule, and payments with you. 

To View the Customer Portal from the Office, click the "View As Customer" text in the orange box on the Customer Profile.


What can Customers do in their portal:

  • View their current schedule
  • Add add on's to jobs (This action will open a ticket on the dashboard) 
    • Note: Customers can only add add on's up to 24 hours before their next scheduled job. They will see a message if they are within the 24 hours: The window in which you can upgrade your service has passed
    • Note: Customers can view all rate mods added to their next scheduled job


  • View invoices
  • Pay Open Invoices
    • Note: This can only be done with a credit card on file
    • Add a tip to open invoices


  • Create new Contact types

  • Edit their notification preferences
  • Add Credit Cards
    • Note: They cannot delete a credit card unless they add one first. There must be 1 card on file

  • Add a new Billing Address


There is a feature under Company General Features Customer: Portal Changes Create Open Tickets: When customers create or update data within the portal, tickets will be created. If this is enabled it will open a ticket on the dashboard if the Customer takes any of the above actions


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