Customer Report -- Customer Efficiency Map

MaidCentral's Customer Efficiency Map gives you the ability to Visualize your customers, and filter teams, days, and scopes of work allowing you to maximize your efficiency for cleans!


Above is a visual of what you will see on your customer Efficiency Map - Every color, letter, and number on the customer efficiency map stands for something below I will include the key!


Pin Keys : Each Pin color Letter and Number mean something 

For Ex :this Blue B5 pin means the job is a Biweekly job, that goes on Friday


W = Every Week (weekly)
B = Every Two Weeks (bi-weekly)
T = Every Three Weeks
M = Every Four Weeks (monthly)
S = Single
O = Other Recurring
D = On Demand
 *** Depending on how you have the filters set both the color of the Pin and the Number on the pin represent the same thing
1 = Monday = Yellow
2 = Tuesday = Pink
3 = Wednesday = Purple
4 = Thursday = Orange
5 = Friday = Blue
6 = Saturday =  Green
0 = Sunday = Red
Filters : 
By clicking the button at the top right the customer efficiency map will allow you to Filter specific Scope Groups, Frequency's, Teams. Days of Week, as well as select which Pin color you would like, Teams or Days of the week!
Zone colors : 
The Different zone colors are managed under the Company Tab > Home Zones



All of this data can also be exported and seen visually in a Excel format! By clicking the Display > Custoemr Data button!


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