How to Email or Text All Active Customers/Clients

Campaign - 
To email or text all of your customers/clients within MaidCentral, you'll want to use a Campaign. The easiest campaign to use is the Campaign for Create Customer Account Invite. To find this campaign, go to Company > Settings > Campaigns > Create Customer Account Invite.

By clicking the blue search button only, the system will pull all customers from all zones and with all billing term types. It will also pull all customers who have created customer portal accounts, all customers connected to credit card processor, and all customers who have pending jobs.

If desired, you can filter by zone, billing terms, and or YES or NO to the following questions:
Only show customers who have created customer portal accounts?
Only show customers connected to the credit card processors
Only show customers who have pending jobs?

Once you've created the list you'd like to email, click Generate Email/Text. You can select from one of your existing Customer email templates, or you can type a new email subject line and message body into the template and click Send.


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