Supplemental Pay - Per Job and Per Pay Period

There are many different types of supplemental pay, in MaidCentral Supplemental pay is used to meet either a minimum wage per job or per pay period. MaidCentral refers to and uses Supplemental Pay so you can ensure that an employee's total earnings meet or exceed requirements!


Both Minimum Wage (Per Job) - and Minimum Wage (Per Pay Period) are set under the Company General Settings, found under the Company Tab > General > Payroll 

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Per Pay Period

The minimum Hourly Wage Per Pay Period will work off of the Average Wage - in the payroll cycle pulled at the current time of pulling data on the payroll summary

Ex: In the Example we are going to use Randy who worked 8.25 hours and his gross wages were 230.30 for the week - 230.30/8.25 = 27.915 or an average wage of $27.92 per hour.


Since $27.92 does not meet the Minimum Hourly Wage (Per Pay Period) of $30 the system will place supplemental pay on this employee. in the amount of (30-27.92 = $2.08 x 8.25 hours = $17.16) putting the employee's gross wage to 247.46




Per Job

Unlike Minimum Pay per period, The minimum Hourly Wage Per Job will work off the average wage of Timeclock.

Ex: We will use Randy again, except this time it will be a time clock under the Employee Tab > Daily Timeclocks > Job Tab -

Seen above Randy was on the job for 2.25 hours and was paid $5.00 Per hour - this does not meet the minimum of 30$ set at the Company > General > Payroll options level. The system automatically supplements randys pay up to 30 x 2.25 = $67.50

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