Build Highlights - April 27th, 2023

Build Highlights - 
Last night our team introduced the following new features and feature enhancements.  The build went live on the evening of Thursday, April 27th, 2023.

Features & Updates

  •  Ability to Bulk Update Technician Pay Types 
    • In the Pay Section on an Employee, there is a new option within the dropdown menu > Bulk Update Pay.  
  • Delete Pending Jobs button - rename to "Pause Service"
  • Report: Sales KPI Rewrite
    • BETA: Controlled by Feature ( Contact Support To Turn on your BETA Sales KPI)
  •  Report: Team Mileage - Group by Team, Date, or Employee 
  •  Report: Bulk Additional Pay 

Bulk Update Technicians Pay

Employee Pay in the past took a long time to update based on the number of active Scopes of Work you had. Previously, you had to manually change the pay of every service set. With this new update, you can bulk update pay for all scopes of work and types of pay in one quick action!

Why it Matters:

Saving time and minimizing actions taken is a big part of maximizing your company's potential. This update should save time when employees are getting raises or pay scales change!

Delete Pending Jobs Button - Rename to "Pause Service"

We found some inconsistencies in verbiage causing issues when canceling customers.

Inside the Home level of an account you used to be able to "Delete Pending Jobs", This has been renamed to "Pause Service" as this button does not actually "cancel" service sets, and was causing an issue with "Quiet Cancelling" causing customers to not show as "Cancelled" on reports.



Why it Matters:

It is important for our partners to understand what buttons are doing what, fixing these small issues will continue to make reports more accurate, and cause less overall confusion while using MaidCentral!


Report: Sales KPI Rewrite

The New Sales KPI is finally rebuilt, and it's time for testing! This will be activated by a Feature that our support team will be able to turn on for you, If you are interested in testing the new Sales KPI please open a Ticket, and support will turn on that feature

Why it Matters:

Monitoring Sales stats is vital to having a finger on the pulse of your company. The new sales KPI should not only be more accurate than the old one, but visually more appealing and easier to use!

Please Note: 

This Report is a BETA report, which means there may be bugs, or unknown issues that cause discrepancies in this report. We ask that you please report these issues or discrepancies to support so we can quickly fix them and replace the old sales KPI with this newly updated report!

More Info :

- How to Submit a Ticket


Report: Team Mileage - Group by Team, Date, or Employee 

We have added multiple new ways to sort the Team Mileage Report by column with totals! This will further allow you to pay out your employees for team mileage with ease and in bulk!

More Info: 

- Team Mileage Report


Report: Bulk Additional Pay

We have gotten great feedback over the last month on the new Bulk Additional Pay Report. One of the most seen things is the report not being intuitive for applying filters. We have updated the report to no longer, show Employees until a filter is applied. You will no longer see the list of employees upon loading the report, once you have selected the filters and applied them, the employees will load with the appropriate additional pay filters applied!

More Info:

- Bulk Additional Pay


Additional Fixes:

  • Bulk Rate Modification issue when manually updating the Base Fee Log
    •  When manually updating the BFL, MC updates any Bulk Rate Mods that are applied, based on filters. There was a logic/filter issue that was overlooked and now works as it should. Scope of Work (Service Set Type) wasn't being filtered. 
  • Canceled Services report - missing canceled clients
  • Quoting Existing Customers results in an Error
  • Rate Modification Report - Modifiers not being counted correctly
  • Report: Consistency - Range should use End Date

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