Build Highlights - March 30, 2023

Build Highlights - 
Last night our team introduced the following new features and feature enhancements.  The build went live on the evening of Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Features & Updates

  • Bulk Additional Pay released to all users
  • Invoicing & Failed Payment Notification Updates
  • Rate Mods: Support Decimals for job rate modifications


Bulk Additional Pay released to all users

The Bulk Additional Pay feature has now been released from Beta testing to all partners. This report is located in the same place as the old additional pay page with some updates to the display and a new tab for the Bulk Additional Pay functionality. 

Why it Matters:

In our industry, many companies pay technicians a bonus based on performance for quality, number of hours worked, hours cleaned, and even attendance. This control will allow users to add these bonuses based on any combination of these performance metrics to many technicians at once. This is the first step to MaidCentral creating automatic bonus calculators for some of the most popular bonus structures for pay-for-performance models. 

Failed Payment and Invoice Notifications

The next step in updating the invoicing functionality within MaidCentral has been completed. This step allows users to send payment failure notifications from within the Invoicing and Job Records report or directly from the invoice page. 

Why it Matters:

It is important for our partners to know when a payment method has failed and to have control over who receives failed payment notifications and when. We made the conscious decision to make this a manual process to be sure that our users maintained control over this process but allowed for more customization within the MaidCentral platform. 

Decimal Rate Modifications for job modifications

When adjusting a job rate for time adjustments it is more common to adjust the time based on decimals of an hour instead of translating it to minutes

Why it Matters:

When a job is scheduled for 6 hours but the technicians take a total of 6.78 hours and the job rate needs to be adjusted for that additional time, users can now enter a decimal on the rate modification instead of changing that decimal into minutes. 

Additional Patches:

  • ADA Compliance - Online Booking Form  | Steps 1, 2, and 3 now pass Level 1 of ADA Certification
  • Additional Pay Bulk - Additional Hourly Rate
  • Report: Charge Customers - Added a column for Scope of Work
  • On Our Way Notification is now based on the team start location - if they start at the office the "On The Way" notification pop-up will only appear after clocking in for the day. 
  • On the Way Notifications modal also includes a "Wait to Send" button
  • Service Set Changes has been updated to not include service sets based on past pending jobs for current and future dates. 

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