Quoting Tool Setup: Priority Cleans

Do you offer cleans based on purchased time where the customer sets a priority list to be completed in the time purchased? These can be considered Priority Cleans, Gift Certificate Cleans, or Cleaning by the Hour. There are two ways to do this and they both start the same. 

  1. Create a scope of work using the Simplified Pricing Method (Company>Quoting and Scopes>Scopes of Work>Create Scope of Work)
  2. Set up your general settings, technician settings, and rates as usual (see more)
  3. Choose the frequencies you would like to offer this on (Single is the most common, but some companies offer this on a recurring basis as well for weekly and every-two-week services)
  4. Save the scope of work
  5. Click on "Simplified" next to your new scope of work.
  6. Set up your simplified pricing matrix to have the hours be either 0 hours or your minimum hours for both house sizes that you will sell your priority cleans for (3-hour minimum is most common). It is important that the hours are the SAME for both house sizes. 
    1. Screenshot_2023-03-17_at_2.00.06_PM.png
  7. Be sure that any questions that affect time and price are overridden on this scope of work to not change the time or price. 
    1. "Add a fixed rate of time" options overridden to 0
    2. "Multiply the time by" options overridden to 1
    3. "Multiply the input by" options overridden to 0
  8. How to override a question.
    1. Go to Manage Questions and Edit the question you want to override. 
    2. Click on the Scopes of work tab inside the edit modal. 
    3. Click Edit for the scope of work you want to override
    4. Click Override Factor and enter the override value

This is where the two options are a bit different. Option one will use the questions to add hours to the job (preferred) and option 2 will use rate modifications to add the time to the job. 


Option 1 - Recommended

  1. Go to the Manage Questions section of the quoting set up (you can go to the active questions in the scope of work and then click the "Here" on the blue banner at the top of that page to get to the Manage Questions section. 
  2. Create a new question
    1. Add the question "How many hours would you like to add (3 hours included)" or something similar. 
    2. Select "Multiply the Input by" for the pricing method
    3. Select "Whole Number" if you only want them to add whole hours, or select "Decimal" if you all partial hours to be selected. 
    4. Save the new question
  3. Open back up that new question you created and click on the "Factors" tab at the top. 
    1. Create a new factor
    2. Put in "0" to "100" and then multiply the input by "60"Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 1.30.36 PM.png
  4. Test it!

Option 2 - not always recommended

  1. Create an "Additional Hours" Rate modification that can be One Time or Recurring by default, set the price for your hourly rate and the time for 60 minutes, show this for office and online quotes, and be sure to itemize on the quote.


2. We don't always recommend this option because it will create the job as 0 base hours and will show up as a black job on the job schedule. 

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