Technician Availability: Setup, FaQ, and Extras

Availability determines how the automated system will schedule your employees, Position, team, and scheduled shifts, this article outlines some useful things to know as well as how to setup employee availability

Things to note before setting up Availability!

  • Once a technician's availability is set up in their employee account, their schedule will be automatically built out.
  • To be visible on the schedule, the technician requires the "Scheduled" Tag found under the "Tags & Skills Tab of the employee profile.



A Technicians availability is set up in 3 simple easy steps!

  • All 3 steps will be performed under the Employee Profile > Availability Tab
  • First, you will want to add a Default Position
  • Second, a Default Team
  • Third, by clicking on any of the white space on a day, it will bring up the below panel to chose what the employees start/end time are

Below is an example of a full built employee availability!




  • On the job schedule, you can see the Teams earliest and latest availability by looking for the faint green bar (seen below) on the background of the schedule.
    • Ideally all jobs should fall within this faint green bar for each team.

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