Keap Integration Set Up

Keap is a third party solution that offers an e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to manage customers, customer relationship management, marketing, and e-commerce. MaidCentral has an integration with Keap to help you more customize your marketing and sales workflows. 

Please Note: MaidCentral cannot provide support for in depth Keap Solutions. For more information on Keap's capabilities, systems, and settings please reach out to Keap Support directly. 


How To Set Up and Connect Keap

  • Request the integration to be enabled through MaidCentral Support
    • Submit a ticket requesting access to the Keap Integration. 
  •  Populate Keap Client Id and Client Secret
    • This needs to be populated by MaidCentral Development. Once MaidCentral Support enables your MaidCentral Keap Integration, they will have MaidCentral Development generate the Client Keys
  • Once the Keys are entered and you receive confirmation, you will reload the Company > General > Integrations page and you will see a Connect to Keap button in the bottom right
  • Click the Connect to Keap button. You will log into your Keap account and allow MaidCentral to interact with Keap


  • Once allowed you will be taken back to the Company > General > Integrations page and you will will see your Keap Account details in the bottom right
  • Please Note: The initial Sync will not start until you go to Company > General > Features and check the Keap Integration feature on.
Configure Keap Triggers, Tags and Custom Fields - Configure these inside Keap PRIOR to you syncing your existing contacts
  • To configure your Triggers/Tags go to Company > Campaigns and on that page you will see Keap: Manage Triggers/Tags


  • On the next page you will see 3 options in the left hand side panel
  • Triggers and Tags
    • Specify which tags are applied for each trigger
    • You can Create Tags that will be applied within Keap 
      • Click your Profile Picture in the bottom left
      • Choose Settings > Tags
      • Choose the Plus sign in the top left to add a tag/tag category
  • Custom Fields
    • Specify data that will be pushed for each custom field
    • You can create new Custom Fields within Keap
      • Click on your Profile Picture in the bottom left
      • Choose Settings > Custom Fields
      • Choose Create New in the top right
  • Sync Leads / Customers
    • Sync existing MaidCentral Leads and Customers from MaidCentral to Keap
  • All new data and updates are pushed live.


Custom fields And where they pull from

When setting up custom fields under the Company Tab > Campaigns > Keap triggers/tags there are multiple selections, below is where each of these pulls from


  • Please Note *** Once a Lead/Quote becomes a Customer the Lead/Quote info is overwritten and the Customer info is then pushed to Keap.
  • The Keap data is updated any time a trigger occurs.

Custom Field                                        Lead/Quote                                            Customer

MaidCentral ID Customer Quote ID (Unique ID) CustomerInformationID (Unique ID)
Contact Type "Lead" "client" or "Former Client"
Recurrence "Lead" "Recurring" or "One Time" 
Service Company Name Company>Settings>General>Logos marketing and UI> Company Full Name Company>Settings>General>Logos marketing and UI> Company Full Name
Scope Group Quote/Lead > Scope Group Service Set > Scope Group
Customer Source Quote/Lead > Customer Source Customer > Customer Source
Billing Terms Quote/Lead > Billing Terms Customer > Billing Terms
Home Square Feet Quote/Lead > Home Sq Ft Home > Sq Ft
Home Stories Quote/Lead > Home Stories Home > Stories


Quote/Lead > People Home > People
Pets Quote/Lead > Pets Home > Pets
Full Bath Quote/Lead > Full Baths Home > Full Baths
Half Bath Quote/Lead > Half Baths Home > Half Baths
Bedrooms Quote/Lead >Bedrooms Home > Bedrooms
Service Frequency "Lead" Service Set > Frequency > "Every Week", "Every Two Weeks", "Every Three Weeks", "Every Four Weeks", "Other Recurring", "On Demand", "Single"



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